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It is a new container for pills and tablets that has 4 separate self opening drawers. Each drawer can be easily activated to emit an alarm sound with time gaps from 1 to 999 hours.

It meets the growing needs of precision in reminding the time when a medicine must be taken.

Memory is a ground-breaking tool designed to obtain maximum safety and user friendliness all in a small container. Each 11x13.5 m drawer can contain a number of various pills and their alarm can be programmed through the buttons 1 and 2 that select, respectively, the drawer number (from 1 to 4) and the number of gap hours for the intake of medicines (from 1 to 999). This makes it possible to manage 4 different medicines, to be taken at different times and frequency.

Memory has two different types of alarms. A intermittent sound is emitted at the deadline programmed for each drawer. Opening the drawer will cause the sound to cease; after the pill is taken, closing it will reactivate the original memory program.

In case a different drawer than the programmed one is accidentally open, Memory will emit a continuous sound alarm. Not closing the drawer will cause, after 1 minute, an identical continuous sound.

Memory runs with a 3 v, CR2032 type battery. When the battery is about to exhaust, the message BATT will be displayed in order to remind the user the need to change the battery.




the memory box - how and where to find it

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